How comfortable you are with yourself when you are by yourself? There are days when I really want to isolate myself from everything outside but be by myself. Those are my anti-social moments where I almost don’t want to talk to anyone:) Blame it on my introvert side taking over or intense work pace but … More ME, MYSELF & I


Growing up I did get into the habit of keeping diaries – not daily ones though – more like having a notebook next to my bed and putting some random thoughts on it when I feel like it. I said random because I had no intentions of turning it into a journal that kept track … More DAILY NOTES


Lets start by actually asking the question of the decade : when was the last time you get bored? It might be hard to remember these days – thanks to social media and non-stop distraction thats rolls in to our lives. Yes, it almost is impossible to get bored these days since we are glued … More DARE TO GET BORED?