“The higher state of consciousness achieved by resting the mind which is totally different from the normal waking state. It is the means for fathoming all the levels of ourselves and finally experiencing the center of consciousness within.”

I have been practicing meditation for several years now. No matter what the reason that takes you to that space, it is always mind blowing to me how different I feel every time after I meditate. Even a second feels longer than it is. As I focus on my breath and get deeper and deeper there, I feel extremely connected to my higher self. There is nothing but NOW in that state. No future, no past. No fear, no anxiety. Just PEACE.

Few days ago I got back from Europe where I spent ten days with my family and few of my dearest friends. Especially not being able to go and visit them for a really long time ~ 10 months felt like 10 years~ I didn’t want to do anything but enjoy each and every second with them. It was amazing to see how my senses got so awake in every second where I felt like time slowed down. Conversations got more emotional since it involves all the senses. I was listening with my ears while my eyes were reading the facial expressions and feeling the heart beats while touching to their tears. I was fully in every single moment, with no distractions.

While going through those moments I didn’t think about how it would effect me but when I left home, I started observing the change. Started feeling so so much peaceful, fulfilled, happier with crazy energy. Can’t stop smiling people around me 🙂 Of course you can never underestimate the power of unconditional love. And that mindset of having undivided attention for each other, being in the moment and sharing pure love together is the best meditation practice you can ever have. Imagine being in that zone at all times…

Now my goal is to create more moments like this where I can truly and deeply be in it. Without checking social feeds, looking for outside approvals or getting lost in someone else’s story. NOW is irreplaceable so BE in it.

Happy Sunday & Happy Mother’s Day to mine and all of moms out there.

Ayca Xxx


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