Lets set the record straight : Being “alone” and feeling “lonely” are two separate things. You can be by yourself and have the most fun where on the flip side you can be with a lot of people and still feel lonely. I feel like those two things sometimes gets mixed up. An “opted-in” alone … More NORMALIZING “ALONE” TIME


They say things happen when we are READY….ready to welcome the new, ready to make a change, you name it. I just wonder, the contribution of “DOING” in the process of getting ready.Does it expedite the outcome? or maybe change the outcome? or simply things happen just because they are meant to be? and they … More THE INTERSECTION…


As I stare at the gloominess of the day, rain drops start clearing my mind. Darkness outside, enlightens somethings inside.Inhales get deeper. Exhales get longer. I can start feeling my heart vividly that I almost feel my blood flowing in my veins. My brain is at its “do not disturb” zone. Feels like even … More IT RAINS & IT HEALS


Why do you think the “unknown” is too scary or uncomfortable? Why it gives us the anxiety instead of excitement? We, as human beings, like to “know”. Because if we know what we are doing or what we are talking about, it makes us feel confident.¬†Confident towards life, confident amongst others. We like to “know” … More LOVE THE “UNKNOWN”


How honest you think you are to yourself? Do you truly and fully accept yourself ? Do you admit your dreams ~ even to yourself? Do you own your flaws, accept your weaknesses and fears? It must be easier said that done but accepting oneself fully and truly and being fully honest about it might … More DEEPER LOOK