Here comes Fall…

Natures’ way of embracing “change“.

Most importantly showing us how beautiful it is to let things go. Every season is about transforming from one to another, but for some reason, fall embraces change more than any other. Maybe just because it represents more of letting go than any other season.

Those falling leaves once made your summer glorious are not there anymore. The whole picture outside your window can make your soul feel naked and lonely. It is sharp, strong and it makes a statement of an ending. The End ~ is a closure of the known and beginning of an unknown. That’s why it is unsettling, strange and mostly uncomfortable. Unknown might come with excitement but let’s be real, its mostly comes with fear. When fear comes to play… I think we all know what happens. That is why “change” can be a scary thing.

However, change is inevitable. Everything and everyone is changing on a daily basis, bit by bit. Maybe just because our minds are not able to catch those tiny bits of change, we might think nothing is changing. Like those small declines in the temperature as summer approaches to the end while your body still feels like its summer. Until one day… you wake up to a cold morning. Just like that, it is fall and the new day feels completely different.

The unknown becomes your new reality. And you find yourself “changed” by change itself forever!

Time to welcome a new season, a new you and everything new around you!

Ayca Xxx

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