In Scopello, the dept of silence is like no other. It transports you… to a place that you may have never been before. The impact is so profound that the voice inside your head (which almost never stops) even obey and shuts up for a change. & When the mind stops, the senses are in … More SCOPELLO, Sicily


What a powerful word it is…for all future time; for always. Continually without ever lasting… What a big promise it usually is attached to…”she would love him forever” Can she? Can he? Can YOU? How can you ever promise that you can keep the same feelings until forever? How can you even believe that you … More “FOREVER”


We only realize the amount of change we have endured when we look back. Our experiences shape us. Who we were before and after an experience is never the same. Whether it is a small change or a big one. The shift happens while we go through it, inch by inch. Once we are on … More Ctrl-Shift-A

It is OKAY…

It is OKAY to choose you & to be selfish ~ no matter how negative it might sound. It is OKAY to prioritize YOU and say no to all distractions. It is OKAY to take a break. A break from your to-do lists, from your own expectations, mainly from you. A break from comparisons, how … More It is OKAY…


They say things happen when we are READY….ready to welcome the new, ready to make a change, you name it. I just wonder, the contribution of “DOING” in the process of getting ready.Does it expedite the outcome? or maybe change the outcome? or simply things happen just because they are meant to be? and they … More THE INTERSECTION…


A moment like this… never has it been experienced in this life time of ours. A deep darkness.. with no sight of light. An unknown…gives birth to new unknowns everyday. A loss…irreplaceable..called “hope” Question is.. do you lose yourself in that darkness or do you find more about you? There is loss for sure. You … More LOST AND FOUND


This statement made me stop! Cause for a while I have been thinking of the meaning of complete absence of words. Why do we get silent anyway? Is it because there is nothing to say…. Or is it because there is too much to say… I started paying more attention to myself in the moments … More ENJOY THE SILENCE