In Scopello, the dept of silence is like no other. It transports you… to a place that you may have never been before. The impact is so profound that the voice inside your head (which almost never stops) even obey and shuts up for a change. & When the mind stops, the senses are in full effect. The eyes takes it all in, tattooing every single image in your mind. You start hearing every single little bird singing as well as your own heart beating. The sun goes deeper in the skin while breeze brushes it. Swimming in the ocean is like a healing ceremony simply washes your soul. Your mind is blown away hence why it is speechless, finally no words.

There is only NOW here. Time runs slower, your breaths feel deeper. You feel every single second & completely lose track of time, no yesterday & no tomorrow.

It is giving you a rare chance to forget anything and everything that is not in the now. Almost shielding you from all the interruptions, worries, anxieties & even people. Entire world feels muted.

I have never witnessed my inner talk silenced like this before & I have never enjoyed my own silence this much. It is in the silence “you” meet “YOU”

All of a sudden you become an “observer” of everything, including yourself. Like stepping out of your body and watching yourself from outside & seeing deep inside…It is effortless yet very healing.

Fun fact : Scopello’s population is 450 people, obviously in summer this number increases but this obviously explains a lot of why it feels so peaceful.

With its gorgeous blue water & its hidden pockets of tiny beaches, swimming in this beauty is truly magical. It is almost impossible to get tired of this view and the water.

“QUEENS POOL” at Scopello

Outside this gorgeous view and the water, Scopello has a tiny square filled with a few gift shops, handful of restaurants and a patisseries that you can enjoy simple living.

Pasticerria Scopello for its coffee and granitas is a must.
Tiny local market that can get you daily fresh produce & lunch

Scopello, Thank You for giving me the perfect backdrop to stop & just be. Your energy is healing.

Ayca Xxx

One thought on “SCOPELLO, Sicily

  1. Merci Beacou for this post! It truly resonated with me! Beautiful blog post!

    Favorite quote:
    “When the mind stops, the senses are in full effect”

    I love that you’re speaking about being present. I feel this exact way in France. Just being present really teaches me how to allow my surrounding influence me. It’s refreshing to here your speak about your journey.

    And I really love how you spoke about silencing yourself. Self awareness, enjoying the experience, exploring while getting lost is such a beautiful human action.

    Less people, less chaotic and less rules= freedom

    The way you describe Scopello is sort of like Lacoste (where I am for my artist residency) minus the water lol. Simple living plus 12-2pm breaks during the day (I’m hella adopting that lol)

    Your blog post reminds us to pause and just be. I’m doing so, gives us to be with ourselves and recharge. That’s the real way to leave.

    Seeing how their produce in Europe is healthier is mind blowing


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