What a powerful word it is…for all future time; for always. Continually without ever lasting…

What a big promise it usually is attached to…”she would love him forever”

Can she? Can he?

Can YOU?

How can you ever promise that you can keep the same feelings until forever?

How can you even believe that you will never change & be the same person till the rest of your life?

How do you know your heart will never ever skip a beat for someone else?

How can you live a life without changing your mind?

You simply can NOT!

But this is how we have been programmed by the society, to simply “lie” to ourselves in order to chase an impossible idea of forever. An almost impossible dream and I am afraid very limiting one. Concept based on an assumption that you will never change your mind and be the exact same person ~ from the moment you promised until the end of your life. But why want to be the same person? Why not change?The whole premise of life is to experience, to live and to evolve. Thats the exact reason why you can never stay the same. The waves of life will carry you forward & then backwards, it will take you up on top then down to deep. Once you seen it all, you can never be the same person again.

So then why do we love the illusion of “forever” so much? Is that some kind of comfort or did we simply read too many fairy tales that ended as “They Lived Happily Ever After”? Maybe that’s why “forever” is associated with too many hopes and expectations.

Where, the reality is, we have nothing but NOW. Nothing before or after the NOW.

That is why maybe it is time for us all to grow up, leave those fairy tales behind & finally own how we feel right now. By doing so we can be honest to ourselves & live life for one self as opposed to checking the boxes thats are designed by others.

I own the right to change my mind, with that comes an incredible freedom. And brutal honesty!

“The biggest gift I can give you is, that, I love you NOW!”

I do not know about tomorrow. Do you?

Ayca Xxx

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