We only realize the amount of change we have endured when we look back. Our experiences shape us. Who we were before and after an experience is never the same. Whether it is a small change or a big one. The shift happens while we go through it, inch by inch. Once we are on the other side, this is when we truly feel and even measure the change. It becomes tangible and clear.

What if you feel the shifts as you go through the experience? Can you even catch its let alone explain it?

The intuition will tell you that something is shifting. Most likely it will be almost impossible to know exactly what is changing. You will feel carried further by each breath w/o knowing where you are heading. An unexplainable feeling but also an intensely visible one that you can not ignore. Although you are not sure what is changing and where things are going , you will know that some things will start feeling not the same anymore. Neither good nor bad. Simply different. It might come like a pause. A pause that you won’t necessarily know how to handle. It will create a big box of empty space, & you will naturally want to fill. It might get more confusing cause none of it will make sense to your consciousness yet. But your unconsciousness will know what it going on. Until you connect the dots between the two, you may find yourself a bit like floating in the air. Complete opposite of feeling grounded while feeling intensely committed to it.

It does not even make sense, does it?

Might be one of the most freeing experiences that you gotta let go of all the answers & expectations. Instead sit with that pause, get comfortable with that empty space, just do nothing & let those tiny shifts carry you wherever you are going.They say “water will find its way” so maybe for once, just chose to watch it all unfold.


Ayca Xxx

*Ctrl-Shift-a is used to format letters as capital & refers to bold formatting | Let this shift be big & bold!

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