It is OKAY…

It is OKAY to choose you & to be selfish ~ no matter how negative it might sound.

It is OKAY to prioritize YOU and say no to all distractions.

It is OKAY to take a break.

A break from your to-do lists, from your own expectations, mainly from you.

A break from comparisons, how things supposed to look like, feel like.

Definitely a break from social media, your emails, Netflix or any entertainment of your choice.

Some days you just gotta lower your expectations from yourself & just BE! Even if it might feel less “productive” or you might feel less “accomplished”. You just have to stop all the voice coming at you. And when you do, those are the days you truly will hear your inner voice. Whether you realize it or not, then you truly start listening. The more silent you are, the more you hear. Sometimes you hear things you might not want to…but those are exactly what you need to hear, all your blind spots about you, all the things you have been escaping from or turning your back to.And that is the unlock ~ way to truly get to know you better.

Thats is why “listening” by just “Be’ing” is the most amazing gift you can give to yourself. It can happen in any way shape of form. It might mean staying in bed all day long ~which you most probably never do, it might be hiding in your apartment and not leaving your couch or going for massively long runs.. you name it! Whichever is your way, the moral of the story is, you need to be selfish and prioritize you to be able to hear more.

So you’d better get ready to say NO when you need it even if it means breaking some hearts including yours.

Ayca Xxx

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