Lets set the record straight : Being “alone” and feeling “lonely” are two separate things. You can be by yourself and have the most fun where on the flip side you can be with a lot of people and still feel lonely. I feel like those two things sometimes gets mixed up.

An “opted-in” alone time is precious and priceless. Especially in a world which is throwing a new trauma in our way every single day. It truly is taking care of yourself by cutting the cords of should and musts. Defining it the way YOU want it to free yourself, tapping into your higher self and hearing your inner conversations. It is about focusing on YOU & being that in that very moment with yourself. Simply a white space, where you get to create whatever you want for yourself, however you want it. Not only it makes you appreciate YOU but most importantly makes you realize your power.

Simply shows you…

That YOU are the writer of your own story. You also sit on the director chair while being the lead actor. And happen to be the casting director of this show called, “your life” where you get to decide who comes in to your show and who leaves when the episode is over. You are assuming all these roles while producing the show, you also write the narrative and script for every single minute. Oh not to forget you are producing and funding it at the same time, let alone choosing the soundtrack for each scene.

Now, pause for a second and think about it…this effort itself deserves and Oscar:) whether other people thinks your movie worth it or not. And let me tell you this, you absolutely deserve it in every single category.

So with that, along the way, do not forget to give yourself the credit, regardless of whatever other people think. Also realize that, no one decides for your life, but yourself. You have the power to design it however you want it. Life is not about going through a list and checking the boxes in any specific order. It is really about tapping into your own power and writing it however YOU want it. As you do that, the fun part is always remembering that you also own the right to change your mindπŸ™‚ isn’t it extremely freeing?

To re-think, to re-write, to re-calibrate, we need our “alone” time more than anything. Just realize its power and what that might mean for your life. Give yourself the gift of “time with yourself”, you won’t regret it!

Ayca Xxx


  1. love this one! alone time is such an important time to tap into our true, higher selves. we can truly listen in on and understand our mind, thoughts, feelings, etc. i enjoy reading your posts!! πŸ™‚


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