In Scopello, the dept of silence is like no other. It transports you… to a place that you may have never been before. The impact is so profound that the voice inside your head (which almost never stops) even obey and shuts up for a change. & When the mind stops, the senses are in … More SCOPELLO, Sicily


First things first – thats a delayed post. A little bit eshamed of that but not sure what happened; I stepped into that phase of “no writing”. Its a weird pause with no reason – that I can not even jot down in my mini journals. So that kinda explains why that post was late … More ESCAPE TO BAHAMAS


  What do you do if you happen to be in Florence less than 24hours? Remember my note to self on booking train tickets in advance from Venice? Yes that’s exactly the reason why I’m here less than a day. Arriving late afternoon and rushing to see as much as I can. So before we lose … More FIRENZE CHE BELLO


   This year, with my family, we decided to take a mini Italy tour during holidays. A new adventure for us since my parents has not been to It before. With cray excitement we planned to visit three cities, where the first stop happen to be Venice:) Have to admit, December might not be the … More CIAO FROM VENICE


Some cities are hard to leave behind. Trust me Cartegna is one of them!There is something magical about the city that makes you feel alive, happy and peaceful at the same time. Maybe it’s the colors of the old city or the most delicious sea food or the vibe of the locals. Might be the combination of all! … More COLOMBIA NOT COLUMBIA


Over the last four weeks, I ended up flying from east coast to west coast every week. And If you have read my previous posts about that travel you know what I mean:) Since I always force myself to look at the positive side of things, I feel like the more I travel, the more … More ON THE GO


On the road again… From East coast to West this time. While waiting for my Uber, details ot the comfy look below: Silk Pants : Phillip Lim Top : label lost 🙂 bought from Nordstorms few years ago Shoes : NikeCourt Tennis Classic Camo tote : L.L Bean Sunglasses : WildFox


Jamaica has been on my list for a while and it was just a matter of time. As soon as I find the right time, booked this amazing hotel Roundhill Villas at Montego Bay and it was just perfect for a long weekend. Five hour flight from Newyork and 25minutes drive from the airport. Designed … More JAMAICA