Over the last four weeks, I ended up flying from east coast to west coast every week. And If you have read my previous posts about that travel you know what I mean:) Since I always force myself to look at the positive side of things, I feel like the more I travel, the more efficient I get. Here is how:

Packing- I now can travel with a cabin size bag even if I leave town for a week. I get more practical while packing now, two jeans, three tops, two layers that makes you look like you have five or six different looks for the week;)

Work – Feel like I’m becoming an expert on managing my time on the plane. Dedicating few hours of non-distracted attention to work -like going through all emails, putting together decks, reviewing plans, writing proper feedback, working on my presentations etc. It makes you realize how much you can get  done with undivided attention.

Reading – must have for me. These days my strategy is finishing one book per travel meaning one book a week, dividing it to half and half during the round trip:)

Food – Now I know where the healthy options are on both airports and cities so I plan and pack my stuff before the flight so that I can still have a healthy diet on the road.

Workouts – one of the key advantages of jetlag is I can still stick to my workouts:) waking up five or six am works in that case since I get over with it and start fresh to my day – the only downside is while its dinner time I’m ready to go to bed😂

Well look at the bright side I guess even though I hardly move my body today to get ready to leave. I think I’m getting sick because of that girl who was sitting next to me in the last flight, coughing and sneezing😏 That part no bueno. Ughh!

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