For the first time in my life, my hair is that short. It was a scary idea few years back but now it feels like I had it like forever. The difference between those two lengths is unbelievable, end up saving hours in my life:) Obviously still gettting used to it but post shower hair fixing is like 15mins now.

But here is the important fact: short hair needs attention, in that case it is super important what to put in your hair. Because guess what you don’t have an option of pulling it up to a ponny tale when you don’t like the look😂

I use two key products to manage the crazy curls. As soon as I towel dry my hair I put TreSemme extra hold foam and spray. And then with the diffuser of my hair drier, literally give five mins to it upside down and then five more minutes to finish it. When I feel like I like the look, last touch with the final spray to make it keep the hold. Et voila!

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