Sundays are for big beeakfasts and new recipe testings. Yayyyy! Especially if you eat right after an hour long intense workout. Re-fuel!!!!

Made that quinoa granola last night which is super easy and controlled so that I know the ingredients as well as its sugar levels. So here is the recipe below, 5mins to prep and 25mins to cook:

1/4 cup quinoa- I used black ones

1/2 cup rolled oats

Hand full of Raw almonds 

Mix it all in a pot while on the other side I melted 1-2 table spoons of coconut oil with  addition of 1 table spoons of honey. So that they can all blend together. 

Lastly mix them all together and lay it to the cooking paper while owen gets pre-heated in 325degrees. I left the granola mix in the owen for 25mins and then dropped the heat to 300degrees and kept there 10 more minutes.

Once it was done, take it out and let is cool. And voila! I like it with almond milk and topped witn banana.

Bon apetito:)

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