As I kid I was amazed by ballerina’s pointe shoes. Remembering feeling mesmerized, almost hypnotized as well as confused when I was trying to figure out how those dancers have been actually stand in their toes ~ clearly didn’t know the magic in their shoes. Of course every single attempt to imitate their moves in my own … More BALLERINA LACES


Black. White.Green Leather racing gloves. Cat eye make up. Classic B&W look saturated by a statement coat. Yeah got my inspiration while in Rome. On my way back from Europe, seen “The Man from U.N.C.L.E” by Guy Ritchie shot in Rome as well so that was the cherry on top. Double inspired. Simple yet but … More ROME INSPIRED


I remember leaving Istanbul for a crazy adventure almost four and half years ago, remember it like yesterday. It was one of the hardest decisions -as well as the BEST decision- in my life. Since then every year I visit home at least twice, one in summer and one in winter during Xmas break. And … More THIS IS MY WORLD


I’m an extremely organized packer when it comes to travels like ready two days prior. I know it sounds crazy but I don’t like stressing myself at the last minute and dumping all the stuff in my bag that I won’t need. Wanna know my secret? Here is how: 1- Check the weather forecast of … More PACK & GO


Best thing on a Saturday – especially when it feels like spring in the middle of December – is to stroll around the Central Park. Today’s exceptional weather turned me into a 5 year old again since as soon as I walk into the park, first thing I did was to run to the playground … More NEVER NOT TOURIST


That time of the year – cold, windy, brutal days are approaching and I am not very excited about it. With one exception though : it is FUR weather. Maybe just only for that reason I can love winter. Last week, I have seen the movie “Carol” Adapted from Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 novel “The Price … More FUR WEATHER 


When you wake up to a chilly morning and it is monday, my sleepy head goes and picks black. All I wanted was to feel cozy and warm. Well I have to admit that it is getting a bit harder to survive with bare ankles and cropped knee caps but I’m still not accepting the … More MONDAYZzzzz


Here comes the days for sweaters:) yayyyy one of my favorites are now out of the drawers. My most loved one is that Marcis Lupfer sweater that I am obsessed about. It is so amazing that you can dress it down or up while feeling cozy and warm all the time. Got mine from Istanbul … More SWEATER WEATHER