Best thing on a Saturday – especially when it feels like spring in the middle of December – is to stroll around the Central Park. Today’s exceptional weather turned me into a 5 year old again since as soon as I walk into the park, first thing I did was to run to the playground and highjack the swings:) even in 10 minutes of being a kid made me feel sooooo free. Getting into that zone of trying to fly higher and higher while swinging and jump out of it when you are done, was my favorite part when I was a kid and looks like it still is. Definitely it was the highlight of my day:)

Every season is clearly a different vibe in the city but fall is amazing. Xmas decorations in every window, Bergdorf Goodman’s mind blowing one, as usual which attracts tons of viewers on the streets- makes it hard to get in to the store. Can not forget to mention the “sale” in the shoes and bags section;) Better check it if you wanna grab some designer pieces with forty percent discount! Shoe saloon is overwhelming though so you might wanna stop by at the restaurant on the 7th floor and if you are lucky – like I was today – get the table 102, the one right by the window for two with an amazing Central Park view, so that you can watch the sun going down while sipping your coffee.

Rockefeller’s huge tree with tons of lights on it while people are ice-skating under was like a movie scene. Have to admit though, crowd makes it a bit claustrophobic. Note to Self :I’m NOT doing it again next year!!! I will just go and get my fav macaroons from Le Bouchon, that’s it:)

All day walking and having the tourist mood, obviously requires some comfy outfit selection so here is mine: 

Outherwear : Alexander Wang
Leather Jeans : All Saints
Sneakers : Nike
Sweater & Shirt : Academia
Bag : Balenciaga

Cheers to Spring in December…

Ayca Xxxx

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