I’m a notebook collector:) Whenever I find a cute one, just can’t help myself.

Usually I buy them from the cities I travel and fill it with the city notes. Some of them are for long flights to jot down all my thoughts when I’m by myself. At home I use one for deep conversations with myself. Whenever I feel frustrated or disappointed, I write. Just because it helps me to get the poisonous feelings out of my system and I don’t need to carry those bothering thoughts in my head anymore. Helps to ask that question to myself? “10 years from now, will it still matter?”

Kinda like writing down the big moments happening in my life as well that helps me to see that big picture and have warm memories later in my life. Like changing where I live, my job, new cities, new experiences… Most of the time, when things happen, you don’t know why that are happening to you and nothing makes sense at that moment. But few years from now, when you look back, you can see the big picture and everything makes more sense.It’s a great way of connecting the dots and see how much you grow from certain experiences. Reading yourself reacting certain things in a totally different way than you would today is an amazing proof of growth. Just makes you feel proud and puts a warm smile on your face:)

Recently I started having a jar full of appreciation notes. I’m writing mini notes to myself to remind me that specific moment, where I was either proud of myself or thankful to what happened in my life. With the exact date and time, as well as brief explanation of the moment and the feeling. Basically it’s my way of collecting moments that made me happy and proud. Writing down negative thoughts and frustrated moments are great to get it out of your system but also reminding yourself how good you did at a certain time or how proud you were or how lucky you felt, is really important too. As human beings we are our own worst critic and always super hard to ourself. But we should not never forget self appreciation. Feel a little good about the accomplishments before setting another goal to yourself. And I’m excited all the moments that will fill my jar in the next few days:)

What’s your “Note to Self” these days?

Ayca Xxxx


One thought on “NOTE TO SELF

  1. A jar of appreciation notes! What a great idea! My note to self if not to be too quick to anger. I’ve been feeling stressed and anxious due to my hectic job and I notice myself getting cranky. When I notice, I stop and give thanks for all of the good stuff I have…like a job! Great post!


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