Black. White.Green Leather racing gloves. Cat eye make up. Classic B&W look saturated by a statement coat. Yeah got my inspiration while in Rome. On my way back from Europe, seen “The Man from U.N.C.L.E” by Guy Ritchie shot in Rome as well so that was the cherry on top. Double inspired. Simple yet but … More ROME INSPIRED


Best thing on a Saturday – especially when it feels like spring in the middle of December – is to stroll around the Central Park. Today’s exceptional weather turned me into a 5 year old again since as soon as I walk into the park, first thing I did was to run to the playground … More NEVER NOT TOURIST


When you wake up to a chilly morning and it is monday, my sleepy head goes and picks black. All I wanted was to feel cozy and warm. Well I have to admit that it is getting a bit harder to survive with bare ankles and cropped knee caps but I’m still not accepting the … More MONDAYZzzzz


Here comes the days for sweaters:) yayyyy one of my favorites are now out of the drawers. My most loved one is that Marcis Lupfer sweater that I am obsessed about. It is so amazing that you can dress it down or up while feeling cozy and warm all the time. Got mine from Istanbul … More SWEATER WEATHER


I am really looking forward to it this time. It’s been crazy travelling over the last month where I was barely in NYC. And I truly miss to live that season in the city since it is super pretty and romantic. Right before that freezing cold where you can have light layers and feel cozy. … More FALL IN THE CITY


Here comes fall… Before green leaves transforms into yellow here is how I did blend : Combined different tones of greens together where the top is a silk blouse -a bit baggy with 80’s inspired skirt. When the shirt is tucked inside the skirt the fit on the waist kinda gives a fit for pullinv … More TON SUR TON


After a week long travel, hotel beds and restaurant food the best feeling is to wake up on a lazy saturday at your own bed:) so relaxing and meditating. Another good part is to have “no plans” where I can float however I feel like by feeling it at that moment. Even little things like … More WEEKEND EXCITEMENT