I am really looking forward to it this time. It’s been crazy travelling over the last month where I was barely in NYC. And I truly miss to live that season in the city since it is super pretty and romantic. Right before that freezing cold where you can have light layers and feel cozy. At the same time the color of the city is transitioning drastically, I love it. I may be fantasizing it a bit too much but hey having brunch on a sunday at Central Park followed by a cute walk in those yellow leaves makes me feel like I’m in a movie scene:)

Having the right coat is key for that season. It should give you enough protection when you wear it with your light sweater but also it should be light. Sounds a bit tricky but what is how I get over with fall:) not an easy one to find the right clothes without having too much or too little layers.

That one I’m wearing is one of my investments from last season where I knew that I can wear forever.(well Okayyyyy maybe “forever” is a little too ambitious😂) Why I loved it so much it because its casual and dressy at the same time depending on how you want to combin it. Grey wool with leather arms and details made me fall in love with it and I still am in love❤️ good job Barbara Bui!

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