Is it really possible to imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes? No matter how hard we try, can we truly do that?
Possible to feel the same way or have their point of view?
Lets think about that for a second…

Every journey is incredibly unique to oneself. There are millions of combinations based on each step we take, and all the doors that are opening or closing based on each decision we make.
Consciously or not we design our lives, where it all starts with the picture we draw in our minds,then every word that comes out of our mouth and finally with every single action taken, we land on here and now. And within that NOW we keep creating the upcoming episodes of our lives.

So if that’s the process of creating your reality, then it kinda sounds impossible to be in someone else’s shoes and have the same path, right?Let’s remember that! 

When the ego comes into play and tries to drag you into certain mood by showing you some examples around others, here is your trap. So easy to fall in to that and start comparing yourself or your journey to others. Or you start making comments about their lives or what would you do if you were them. Reality is you will never know what you would do if you were going through the exact same journey since that’s not what shaped you today. So you can only guesstimate. Then instead of making assumptions, why don’t we focus on here & now & ourselves?

You are in your own journey. There is no right or wrong. And there is not one path.  Stop comparing yourself with others, measuring your success by looking at others, defining your happiness based on who you want to be. 

Just own yourself, your journey. Be comfortable in your own shoes and if you are not comfortable there, design a new one. Never forget : you are the creator! OWN IT!

Ayca Xxxx

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