Sounds fantastic isn’t it?
But guess what, only if you are eating the right carbs at the right time:) you might get excited for a split second thinking that eating a donut or a huge chocolate chip cookie might be okay but let be realistic here – don’t be a dreamer, those will never be your best buddies. Anything that has almost no nutritional value but full of sugar is still the enemy so keep your guard up!

Lets talk about when is the best time to eat carbs, since thats the question I ask to myself as well as all the experts I have around me. My friends already so over with me asking the same question in different format already but hey I’m trying to learn here. No judgements please!

First and foremost, the most important thing is to keep your blood sugar balanced. When you are starving yourself, your blood sugar levels go down and your body automatically puts itself to starvation/saving mode that it keeps every single fat or energy for you to be able to survive. So thats makes it clear that starving yourself is never the best way of losing weight.
Same thing applies when our sugar levels spikes because of a donut.
All those highs and lows are no bueno, secret is to keep it balanced and stable!
My friendly carb selections are mainly sweet potatoes, quinoa, whole grains,basically whole food carbs where I still get the energy I need and fill full without getting fat or starving myself.

Recently I started more and more reading about when is the best time to eat friendly carbs and where I landed is “post-workout”
A breakfast bowl with whole grain farro, spinach, walnuts and sunny side eggs is my favorite re-fuel tip after a bootcamp class:)
Or a banana with almond butter post run to make you feel like you get the energy back after hitting the road for a while.

All the early birds out there, if you need breakfast ideas and get bored of scrambled eggs, try that breakfast bowl, so easy and yummy to make it at home.
Bon apetito:)

Ayca Xxxx

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