I’m an extremely organized packer when it comes to travels like ready two days prior. I know it sounds crazy but I don’t like stressing myself at the last minute and dumping all the stuff in my bag that I won’t need. Wanna know my secret?

Here is how:
1- Check the weather forecast of your destination first.
2- Start laying out looks per each day.
3- Focus on natural colors as much as possible so that you can switch in between looks if you end up spilling coffee on your shirt
4- Try not to repeat same tone or color of the sweater so that you don’t feel like wearing the same thing everyday.
5- Pair the looks with the most comfortable shoes as much as possible so that you can switch them between looks to dress it up or down.
6- Add ever green layers such as basic tee’s, a white shirt, a pullover and some basic jeans [one blue, one grey for me]
7- If your plans has “fancy going outs” then you might need a pair of heels and maybe a classic dress where you can wear as night outfit but also has the same dress during the day by wearing a sweater on top so that it can look like a skirt as well. Phew two birds with one stone;)
8- Never forget your PJ’s – which I do most of the time, so thats #1 in my to pack list just for that reason.
9- Your favorite sunglasses that you know that you can wear with everything.
10- At least 2 sets of workout clothes & running shoes.
11 – Accessories – key to dress up a basic look.

Done it all?
Alright, now take a step back and see what is repeating and what you actually DO NOT need.

Like everything in life, when you take a look at the big picture, you will see how many unnecessary things we carry with us.
If you are asking “What if I need it?” then chances are you MOST LIKELY do not need it;) So for me that’s a pretty good filter to eliminate extra stuff. Plus when you are traveling you ALWAYS end up buying new things so the lighter you travel, the more space you have in your bag for new things:)

My count down just began for my holiday travels!!!
Can not tell you how excited I’m to go home and spend time with my loved ones…It’s gonna be FUN:)

Safe travels to the ones who are ready to pack and go.

PS : Quick deets on the look : Nike Air Flight 89 (I got the mens shoe in smaller size) , Balenciaga HandBag (mine is with rose gold studs), Leather Pants from All Saints, Sweater Academia

Ayca Xxxx

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