Why do you think the “unknown” is too scary or uncomfortable? Why it gives us the anxiety instead of excitement? We, as human beings, like to “know”. Because if we know what we are doing or what we are talking about, it makes us feel confident. Confident towards life, confident amongst others. We like to “know” … More LOVE THE “UNKNOWN”


One of the most exciting part of the weekend is the “brunching”. All those amazing spots of New York, it is something that I look forward to, THE event of the weekend 🙂 For me it is mostly after a workout-so there is this feeling of “I earned it”- which kinda makes everything taste a bit … More BRUNCHING MY FAVS


I’m an extremely organized packer when it comes to travels like ready two days prior. I know it sounds crazy but I don’t like stressing myself at the last minute and dumping all the stuff in my bag that I won’t need. Wanna know my secret? Here is how: 1- Check the weather forecast of … More PACK & GO


Here comes the days for sweaters:) yayyyy one of my favorites are now out of the drawers. My most loved one is that Marcis Lupfer sweater that I am obsessed about. It is so amazing that you can dress it down or up while feeling cozy and warm all the time. Got mine from Istanbul … More SWEATER WEATHER


Here comes fall… Before green leaves transforms into yellow here is how I did blend : Combined different tones of greens together where the top is a silk blouse -a bit baggy with 80’s inspired skirt. When the shirt is tucked inside the skirt the fit on the waist kinda gives a fit for pullinv … More TON SUR TON