One of the most exciting part of the weekend is the “brunching”. All those amazing spots of New York, it is something that I look forward to, THE event of the weekend 🙂 For me it is mostly after a workout-so there is this feeling of “I earned it”- which kinda makes everything taste a bit … More BRUNCHING MY FAVS


I’m an extremely organized packer when it comes to travels like ready two days prior. I know it sounds crazy but I don’t like stressing myself at the last minute and dumping all the stuff in my bag that I won’t need. Wanna know my secret? Here is how: 1- Check the weather forecast of … More PACK & GO


Here comes the days for sweaters:) yayyyy one of my favorites are now out of the drawers. My most loved one is that Marcis Lupfer sweater that I am obsessed about. It is so amazing that you can dress it down or up while feeling cozy and warm all the time. Got mine from Istanbul … More SWEATER WEATHER


Here comes fall… Before green leaves transforms into yellow here is how I did blend : Combined different tones of greens together where the top is a silk blouse -a bit baggy with 80’s inspired skirt. When the shirt is tucked inside the skirt the fit on the waist kinda gives a fit for pullinv … More TON SUR TON