Why do you think the “unknown” is too scary or uncomfortable? Why it gives us the anxiety instead of excitement?

We, as human beings, like to “know”. Because if we know what we are doing or what we are talking about, it makes us feel confident. Confident towards life, confident amongst others. We like to “know” because that is what the ego needs. This is what feeds the ego. It is the power of being a step ahead or a click above of some other person just because we “know” something that they might not know. It is so crucial for the existence of the ego, this is also why we hold on to our ideas, opinions, beliefs. And we keep them very close to our hearts as a protective shield. Close enough that no one can see the vulnerability, the fears or weaknesses hidden behind it. At least that is what ego wants us to believe…

However, on the flip side, not knowing triggers “curiosity“. When there is curiosity, it creates this white space for one’s self to explore, to grow and to discover ~sometimes to re.define ~ the unknown. And this is what feeds the soul. The more curious you get about yourself by letting go of the known, then the self growth begins. As you dig deeper, you uncover more of the unknowns about yourself. Curiosity makes you wanna understand more, learn more. It makes you forget what you “know” and see things beyond the filters of your ego’s knowns. It makes you face your fears and eventually shows you there is nothing to be afraid of. It makes you feel vulnerable and cracks your heart to be more open. It helps you drop all the protective shields and be more in your “being“. It just make you more honest to yourself. More connected to the deeper layers of your soul. It makes you, more you…

Things we don’t know might be the biggest gifts in life. By unpacking each and every one of them, you see the different dimensions of the you and everything around you. It shows you a new world, and you find “the new you” in it.

So what is there to be afraid of the “unknown” then? Instead of embracing it!

How about we walk into a new day by embracing all the questions marks around us and get excited to play in that white space with all our curious intentions?


Ayca Xxx

be brave to let go

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