Say “Thank You”….

Mom said to her kid when I gave that adorable baby boy his gift. He looked at me with huge eyes and throw the biggest compliment in the world. It didn’t matter how small the baby was because those two words was the purest form of giving. He didn’t even know how big his heart and how fat his “thanks” was. It was very very strong and had the power to melt my heart.

Made me think…

Made me feel the power of a genuine gratitude…

It doesn’t take much of an effort to be able to touch someone’s heart, show our gratitude and make them feel special. That tiny two year old was the living proof. But also he reminded me one more thing… As he was thanking everyone around himself, he also thanked “himself

Made me think…

Made me realize we have A LOT to learn from the kids. From their raw unfiltered love.

As we grow up and having bigger and taller bodies, It feels like our hearts start getting smaller (well kinda the case if you think about the body /heart ratio of a kid vs an adult) This physical effect also emotionally effects us and we start to give less especially when it comes to “ourselves“. We made less time for ourselves because we prioritize everything else first, work, kids, husbands, wives…you name it and we definitely forget to give “thanks” to ourselves. We forget to appreciate our bodies, our souls, our minds…

Everything we become and keep becoming is first and foremost because of us. So “WE” deserve the biggest “Thank You’s” … On a daily basis…Instead of being super harsh on ourselves and showing that tough love we most probably never show anyone else but ourselves , how about doing the opposite? By saying thank you…

Thanking YOU for being YOU.

Thank your BODY that’s carries you every step of the way, your HEART the keeps loving even if it might be broken thousand times, your EYES showing you all the greatness in the world, your EARS making your hear the most amazing tunes of the world, your SENSES makes you feel all the visible and invisibles…

Thank your SOUL for choosing you in that life time and taking you through all the experiences to grow and reach higher…

Thank GOD for the BREATH he lended you that wake you up this morning and gave you the chance to say “THANKS”.

There is so much to be thankful for, but start with YOUrself first.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ayca Xxxx

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