How honest you think you are to yourself?

Do you truly and fully accept yourself ?

Do you admit your dreams ~ even to yourself?

Do you own your flaws, accept your weaknesses and fears?

It must be easier said that done but accepting oneself fully and truly and being fully honest about it might not the easiest task. Why?

Because it is hard to see things when they are the closest. And you, my friend, you are as close as your breath from anyone else and mostly not as honest as you think. Because we usually don’t see things that are super close to us. Thanks to your beautiful brain, which finds magnificent ways to hide things from you. Distracting you so that you can’t see. All the noise that it has, tries to keep you as distant as possible from your instincts so that you cannot see. Why? Because it is not that easy to deal with the realities of our own. Fears needs to be understood, sources needs to be find, true desires needs to be revealed. And guess what it takes A LOT of work. As one needs to dive deep and ready to face it all. Regardless how ugly or painful it gets, has to accept it all. You should be willing to open that box, whatever its content maybe… Thats why we chose to escape from our own reality. Because…

We don’t have time? We have some otherĀ priories in that moment? Have to many things to get after instead? BLA BLA BLA…Life just gets in the way.

And it is way much easier to look at it from a far and speak to it as an outsider, for someone else. With one caviat though.. The reason why we are witnessing things sometimes, might be because of the mirror effect. The events that are happening around you, might be a reflection of oneself. If you don’t have the balls to look at it, you might not be able to see what this is actually showing you at that moment, about yourself. Maybe not every time, but might be some times. We all see clues around us. The question is, can we really see them?

So maybe next time, look a little longer, a bit deeper.. Take the time to think what each event, can reveal for ourselves, that makes us better connected to our deeper truths. Give it a try maybe…



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