Why do you think the “unknown” is too scary or uncomfortable? Why it gives us the anxiety instead of excitement? We, as human beings, like to “know”. Because if we know what we are doing or what we are talking about, it makes us feel confident.┬áConfident towards life, confident amongst others. We like to “know” … More LOVE THE “UNKNOWN”


   Finally decided to read “the life changing magic of tidying up”. Why it did take me too long to read it? Just because I thought I don’t need it:) Here is a little bit more about me;) I do have some obsessions that I am proud of and being extremely tidy and neat is … More TIDY ENOUGH?


   One sunday morning to myself is the most precious moment of the week. It means there is no alarm clock set; your mind and body is free to wake up whenever, there is no rush to do nothing; I can be in a slow-mo and it is fine, it means big and looong homemade … More SUNDAY CHILL