One sunday morning to myself is the most precious moment of the week. It means there is no alarm clock set; your mind and body is free to wake up whenever, there is no rush to do nothing; I can be in a slow-mo and it is fine, it means big and looong homemade breakfast which is the favorite meal of all times:) 

I have time to have a long meditation session; sometimes in the form of true meditation pose, sometimes it means writing all my thoughts on a paper before even leaving my bed, sometimes it is sitting still and staring at outside watching the rain while doing nothing and sometimes it’s combination of all. It means having time to hear my inner voice. To have a true heart to heart conversation with myself without my brain or ego interrupting us. This is where and how I find my balance with myself. Much needed!!! 

And that long and slow breakfast I crave. You know me and my cleaneating obsession, it’s all about focusing whole foods with moderation of mini treats. Here is my sunday morning omlette recipe: 

  • In a pan, I had coconut oil for few mins and added pumpkin seeds and stir them for 2mins.
  • Then I have added few cheery tomatoes and few pieces of goat cheese (very very minimal)
  • Finally added 2 eggs and make them cook for few more mins. 
  • Didn’t add salt since goat cheese has in it already but added pepper, paprika for sure. 
  • Et voila! PS: everytime I try to make it look like an omlette, I ended up having scrambled eggs so if you have the talent it is totally an omlette recipe, lol:)

That is my main must have in a breakfast, then I have half avocado and six black olives from home. Yes it tastes completely different than the ones you have in US. Sorry🙊 lastly I have fresh cucumber where I did slice it and squeezed lemon on it so that I won’t need salt;) 

I usually have a Yerba Mate tea before breakfast so I didn’t have a regular tea or coffee but water with lemon slices for sure. At the end of it, I do make my own turkish coffee with one dried fig which balances the taste perfectly!

What else you want on a sunday morning?

Maybe a nice yoga later in the day to go with that rainy scene? Yeahhh, totally doing it! 

Happy lazy Sunday.

Ayca Xxxx

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