Over the weekend, I checked one of the “must see” items from my to do list. Sakura International Cherry Blossom Festival at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Breath taking I should say. Not necessarily the festival itself but the magic of nature is mind blowing. Colors are insanely saturated, details of each blossom is unbelievable. When you get … More BLOSSOMSSSSS


Love Love Love Flea Markets. Really enjoy going through all the random stuff that vendors sell as well as finding some hidden gems within them. The energy, colors and the vibe of the market really sparks creativity and joy. So much fun especially when the weather is right for it. Not too hot and too … More ALL THE FLEA MARKETS


   Finally decided to read “the life changing magic of tidying up”. Why it did take me too long to read it? Just because I thought I don’t need it:) Here is a little bit more about me;) I do have some obsessions that I am proud of and being extremely tidy and neat is … More TIDY ENOUGH?


   One sunday morning to myself is the most precious moment of the week. It means there is no alarm clock set; your mind and body is free to wake up whenever, there is no rush to do nothing; I can be in a slow-mo and it is fine, it means big and looong homemade … More SUNDAY CHILL


   This year, with my family, we decided to take a mini Italy tour during holidays. A new adventure for us since my parents has not been to It before. With cray excitement we planned to visit three cities, where the first stop happen to be Venice:) Have to admit, December might not be the … More CIAO FROM VENICE


How much time you actually need to reflect? to connect with yourself and scan every single moment that you have been gone through over the last week? to pause and actually digest every emotion, every reaction you have given. What or who pissed you off the most? More importantly why did get mad at certain … More NO CAPTION NEEDED