Finally decided to read “the life changing magic of tidying up”. Why it did take me too long to read it? Just because I thought I don’t need it:)

Here is a little bit more about me;) I do have some obsessions that I am proud of and being extremely tidy and neat is one of them. I am that person who can not stand when the frames on the wall are not aligned or tilted a little:) don’t judge me, none of us are perfect🙈

My mom, who is pro, thought me all and my dad who was an ex-soldier and still my hero inspires me on that everyday. So crazy and funny at the same time but here is how organized my mom is : If you are looking for something and ask her a question about where to find it in the middle of her sleep -say 3am in the morning- she can tell you exactly where it is with her eyes closed. Something like that “open the 3rd left drawer in the kitchen and you will see it on the right top corner of….” 😳 I swear, I am not joking. So when you grow up in a house like this, you have no option but be extremely organized. However when you leave by yourself , life gets busy and you start losing you rhythm on tidying up, that book is a great reminder 🙂 

The moment I started reading it, I felt like the “tidying bug” get activated and first night I found myself pausing at every 10pages and start cleaning things. LOL 

Amazing to observe the feeling when you start the process of accepting and then letting go of things that doesn’t serve you anymore. As easy as it sounds, not that easy to execute.”what if I will need it?” That question keeps you attached. But crazy thing is once you let go, a week later you won’t even remember. It is an extremely helpful practice, to remind and learn how to unattach. Guess what? you never know when you need to do the same thing for different things in life…

Anyways, half way through the book and already got rid of 5 bags of garbage which I didn’t even realize I had, 4 bags of clothes. Well I guess I found my new hashtag : #NeverNotTidyingUp 🙂

Lets see what else I will discard in the second half of the book:) 

More to come…

Ayca Xxxx

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