Looks like it was a record snow breaking when jonas took over the streets of New York. The moment when human nature actually telling you who the boss is. Complete shut down in the city, almost being outside was considered as breaking the law, chances were you could get arrested. Crazy!!!!! 

On the otherside it was so tempting to not to be out and play, be that kid again. Snowball fights anyone? 🙂 

I stepped out, the silence of the streets was combined with the sound of snow fall. West side highway is THE playground with its breath taking view. Benches were completely covered and piled under the snow. Wind turned the Hudson River into a crazy dark monster and there was absolutely no way to see the other side. Literally no one on the streets. It was the perfect movie scene. 

Like everything else, moment got frozen for me for few minutes. Sitting on top of a bench, watching that crazy river and listening the fall of snowflakes… Could not be a better meditation time than that, it was epic and magical! My Intension? “Not to resist.” to be able to bend -and not to get broken- be calm and adapt! Even watching how nature reacted to jonas was a life lesson for so many reasons. 

Think about it…. For yourself! 

What did it mean to you other than just being a Netflix and chill weekend?

Be flexible, be adaptable, be safe&warm!

Ayca, Xxxx

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