How much time you actually need to reflect? to connect with yourself and scan every single moment that you have been gone through over the last week? to pause and actually digest every emotion, every reaction you have given. What or who pissed you off the most? More importantly why did get mad at certain people or things? What were you feeling at those moments? Were you really mad at them or was that you who was feeling less loved about yourself? And what would you do different if you actually go over the same situation again today?

I like to think about those types of details at the end of the week, not to live in the past or anything but to find out more about myself. Since every reaction you have been given to the world outside is mainly because of the reaction that you have inside.Thats why I need at least few hours on a Sunday to be by myself, stay calm, sit silent and connect back to those moments to find out more. Oh yeah it’s #nevernotlearning

Past week, one morning as I walk in to the office, the question found me : “What’s wrong?”

At that moment, quick silence in my brain, asking myself the same question : is anything wrong? no, not really! Are you sure? yes! Come on, look for more..Searching…searching…Really my brain is not recalling anything wrong. So then why the heck you are asking me that?

Then I started observing what was different about me. Maybe a bit silent then usual, since mostly I’m waking up super happy and walking around with a big smile. When there is no smile in my face people around me starts questioning.  Yes I was definitely more silent than usual. In the mood of being in my shell for a while before communicating to anyone, maybe talking in my head, maybe still digesting some information, maybe cooking up some thoughts in my brain. Not sure what the specific reason was but I was looking for some answers to see if everything was good or not with me.

And guess what, when you keep asking the same question to yourself over and over again, the answer find you in different forms and ways. Sometimes it’s in the lyrics of a song, maybe the huge billboard you see on that street or a sticker in a car. As long as you are looking for some answers, they will find you in the most unexpected ways – which makes me smile all the time:)
And my answer came up, at Whitney museum, amongst all those pieces of art, it poped up : “I WAS JUST THINKING.

Yes I was since thinking is an interesting process that puts you in to a zone where you just wanna be by yourself with your thoughts at that very moment. Nothing is wrong! You are fine and was just thinking. Phew!!! Nothing to freak out.

That’s why it’s super important for me to unplug and just sit still, digest & think. Because everything you create in your life starts with “thinking” so be careful what you envision for yourself. Since by picturing things about your life, you are kicking off the creative process of making it happen.And always prioritize to THINK!

PS: Now I’m thinking to escape somewhere warm so lets see where thinking is gonna take me;)

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