With no planned intentions on my mind, that weekend kinda set its own mood to JAZZ for some reason. It all started on Friday night where I was hosting dinner.  As the chef of the night, usually I pick up a background music along with my cooking meditation and that happened to be Jazzy Dinner Vibes on Spotify. I was flowing with it so good while prepping the dinner, my door was knocking and my friend walks in and says : “you are rocking that jazz as if you are listening to hip-hop:)” yeah I kinda love it a little too much maybe.

The mood continued with the Whitney visit over the weekend. Not sure if that happens to you sometimes but in my case some days , I literally CRAVE art. All I wanna do is to go to a museum, spend hours by looking at the art pieces, watching people while they are consuming art. There is something extremely refreshing about it.Jazzy vibes decided to follow me in the key exhibition. Archibald Motley – African American painter who represents Harlem Renaissance and has been heavily influenced by jazz culture. Well if you born in New Orleans I don’t think that there is anyway that you can NOT get influenced by that amazing scene. While strolling through the exhibition, his paintings really wanted me wanna jump into it and wear one of his characters. So bright and so lively that you just feel jealous of not being a part of that scene. So many Jazz night drawings from New Orleans, Chicago as well as Paris. PS: you are not allowed to take pictures of the Paris part but rest is fine. Not quite get the reason but thats the rule:) If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend checking that out.

Exhibition reminded me my trip to New Orleans Jazz Fest early this year so maybe I do that again next May.

BTW Did I ever tell you that I secretly believe that I was one of the jazz singers in my previous life? 🙂 Yes, and I’m quite sure about that since there is something that inhales me about Jazz. Like my favorite scene from my favorite movie Talented Mr.Ripley is the one where Tom Ripley and Dickie spends the night at the Jazz club singing “Tu Vuo’ Fa L’Americano”…such a magical scene.

I have to admit I think one of the best contributions to the world by African American communities in the late 19th and 20th centuries is that genre. I can not thank enough for that!

Since this weekend was all about Jazz, there is no better way to spend my sunday writing and reading while listening more Jazzy vibes. My sacred heaven:)

Enjoy your lovely sundays! Xxx

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