That time of the year – cold, windy, brutal days are approaching and I am not very excited about it. With one exception though : it is FUR weather. Maybe just only for that reason I can love winter.

Last week, I have seen the movie “Carol” Adapted from Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 novel “The Price of Salt” and directed by Todd Haynes. Fantastic performances by beautiful Rooney Mara and elegant Cate Blanchett where two women connected really fast and that bond became a love story with complicated consequences. I am not going to tell more about the movie because I think you should watch it. Not only because of one of best actresses and impressive angle on the story but also just for the amazing pictures. The way director captured the emotions was breath taking at the same time cinematography was super pretty. And I was deeply in love with the 1950s Manhattan, how elegant New York city was as well as the people in it. The costumes of Cate Blanchett to me was to die for : extremely elegant, super classy. I found myself only paying attention to the looks rather than the story at some point🙊 Yeah one of those moments that made me think about who I was in those days (I’m sure I lived in 50s Manhattan in one my previous lives) Even the way she smoked her cigarette and taking a sip from her Martini was classy, I sooooo belong to 50s 🙂 loved every single picture in the movie.

I think I got inspired a little too much:) the first chance I got, put my fur neck warmer. And pretend as if I was Cate Blanchett with brown eyes and curl hair. Haha nice try Ayca-of course I was no where near looking like her but hey no judgements here. About that fur neck warmer : Here is the tip of the day, it is from Zara. But don’t be surprised if you can’t find it since you have to check the men’s floor. Yeah who would have thought that they have better accessories in the men’s collection than women’s. Now you know;) It’s a MUST! Not only it will keep you extremely warm but also will give you a fancy look. I love those fancy little details…

Stay warm. Xxx

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