I’m a huge fan of clean eating, hugeeee. Honestly really was not that much into it until I moved to US and found myself gaining fifteen pounds in three months without even realizing it. I didn’t know how to read the labels and didn’t know how much American nutrition scene was processed and full of sugar. Even plain yoghurts-which was pretty shocking to me.

Well I learned it in a tough way. When I did go back home for my sisters’ wedding, my friends were speechless:) they were trying to be nice but at the same time admitting that I was a little bigger😳as you can imagine I was traumatized. Panicked and didn’t know what to do since I never had a weight problem in my life before. I tried so many different types of diets to get back into my own body, my own shape. Ended up being vegan for a while, then tried vegeterian route and then pescatorian, did crazy shred diets etc etc. Guess what?!? None of them worked. The more I limit myself on eating certain things, the more my body resisted. The stress I put to myself basically put my mind and body in a starvation mode that I couldn’t lose a pound.Until my mom reminded me what I have been made of…

I never had any major weight problems growing up since it was the Mediterranean life style where you eat lots of whole foods with moderation of little treats. So basically your body never starve and never crave anything like insane. Majority of the food I was consuming was clean, nothing processed and thats what my body was used to. After doing a bit of reality check and basically getting back to my factory settings, everything has changed.

I started cooking eighty percent of the time where I could control the ingredients. My diet now has mainly lean proteins with veggies  cooked by coconut oil. Salads with olive oil and lemon. Healthy carbs from mainly vegetables but also like quinoa or sweet potatoes. Fruits before workout usually in the mornings. When I needed a treat or something sweet definitely dark chocolate. It’s almost never without it. But for me it has to be 85% cacao otherwise it tastes so sweet that I can’t even eat it. With that healthy eating routine, I basically ended up having clean meals ninty percent of the time and end result clean body, lost all the excess weight and became myself again.

What happens in the rest of the ten percent? I treat myself in order to not to crave insane things. Had a glass of wine maybe here and there. Was never a huge drinker so never need more that one glass anyways. Or have an amazing pasta in one of my favorite spots. Maybe a slice of homecooked banana bread with organic raspberry jam.Just like that mini breaks:)

So having a healthy diet is all about being in moderation and eating mostly clean. Trust me if you adopt that life style, at the end of the day your body refuses to eat anything not that clean, like too sweet or too much alcohol or too salty.

It’s an adaptation and takes a while so don’t expect overnight miracles and be patient! (says the girl who almost has no patience, smh) just stick to it and don’t give up;)

Happy sundayy!!!

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