As I kid I was amazed by ballerina’s pointe shoes. Remembering feeling mesmerized, almost hypnotized as well as confused when I was trying to figure out how those dancers have been actually stand in their toes ~ clearly didn’t know the magic in their shoes. Of course every single attempt to imitate their moves in my own … More BALLERINA LACES


Love Love Love Flea Markets. Really enjoy going through all the random stuff that vendors sell as well as finding some hidden gems within them. The energy, colors and the vibe of the market really sparks creativity and joy. So much fun especially when the weather is right for it. Not too hot and too … More ALL THE FLEA MARKETS


With no planned intentions on my mind, that weekend kinda set its own mood to JAZZ for some reason. It all started on Friday night where I was hosting dinner.  As the chef of the night, usually I pick up a background music along with my cooking meditation and that happened to be Jazzy Dinner … More JAZZY WEEKENDS 


Today was a cold but sunny and decided to to go Newyork Botanical Gardens at Bronx. Well for the first time I did go that much up in the city as well as visiting the gardens:) The reason was the last day of the “Frida Kahlo” exhibit and I couldn’t miss that one. After watching … More FRIDA VIBES