Love Love Love Flea Markets.

Really enjoy going through all the random stuff that vendors sell as well as finding some hidden gems within them. The energy, colors and the vibe of the market really sparks creativity and joy. So much fun especially when the weather is right for it. Not too hot and too chilly so that you can enjoy going between people and stand as well as trying things, hearing stories of each piece.

Over the last few weeks I have visited Brooklyn almost back to back just for that reason:) To check Dumbo Flea as well as Fort Greene one. Even though few of the vendors were the same, it felt completely different to me. I enjoyed the set up of Dumbo, vendors, variety more than Fort Greene one. I did go completely crazy when I visited Dumbo Flea, there was so much that I wanted to buy, check and try on. Prices are definitely lower than Fort Greene and so much more interesting things to explore. Found myself carrying two bags of stuff that I almost spend nothing for them. A silk scarf, vintage five dollar coffee tray, old box for storing little things, amazing cactus arrangements. Plus that yummy Blue Marble ice-cream. Even though the ice-cream was involved in the Fort Greene journey I left it with nothing – but a fantastic energy and some inspiration;)

P1030182P1030206P1030189P1030204P1030181P1030192P1030207 (1)

Next I wanna fly to LA for the FairFax Flea;)

Happy Sunday. Ayca Xxxx

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