Over the weekend, I checked one of the “must see” items from my to do list. Sakura International Cherry Blossom Festival at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Breath taking I should say. Not necessarily the festival itself but the magic of nature is mind blowing.

Colors are insanely saturated, details of each blossom is unbelievable. When you get closer to each tree and flower, you are taken to a magic land by the smell. The tunnel of cherry blossoms can drive you crazy from joy. The perfect combination of pink and green. Feels like living the fairytales. Pink snowflakes everywhere:)

And right there you see how generous nature is. While every single flower blossoms at its best, each gives enough light to each other at the same time. Not competing to be the best flower in the tree but to blossom as one in the entire garden. That makes you fall in love with it. And inspires you at the same time, to see what it means to be whole while still being amazing individually. The untold lessons nature is telling us. #Namaste

The moment you walk into the lilac garden, you get kidnapped by the immediate smell of them. All you can do is to close your eyes and follow where that amazing smell takes you to. It is like daydreaming. While paralyzing and wanting to take picture of every single one you also realize that no camera can capture that beauty as it is. So after taking few, you just let yourself enjoy them right there and try to stare at them long enough so that maybe you can scrape the image in your mind, or try to remember the smell later. #Iwish


I’m amazed…. Ayca Xxx

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