One of the most exciting part of the summer season to me is watermelon:) Yes I adore it. While growing up, one of the memories I have is my mom calling me home for lunch  after spending hours out playing under the sun with my friends and on my way back to the playground, she was handing me a big fat slice of watermelon as desert. Still remember that refreshing feeling when I think about that moment. Better than Coca Cola ads, simply amazing! Still that is one of the summer snacks or sometimes a good options back home for us.Watermelon & feta cheese.

With that on the back of my mind, few years back in LA at the LONDON Hotel, I tasted one of the most amazing fruit salads. Maybe nothing was special in theory but they had a trick. Which was the freshly squeezed lemon juice and a mini shaker to blend the different flavors.

And guess what? I mixed them up and create my own version of a summer salad:) Super duper easy to prep as you can imagine but extremely delicious. So here is how:

All you need is ; cubed watermelon, crumbled feta cheese, fresh min, half lemon.

I dump all the ingredients to a mini glass vessel, squeeze half of the lemon and gently shake them all. It’s important not to shake it too much so that you won’t damage the watermelon and still keep it solid but also you want to shake it long enough to get the flavor out of mint, as well as letting the lemon juice infuse in to the watermelon. That shake also transfers the unique taste of feta cheese to watermelon and kinda massages it with lemon juice.

After mixing it all, pour it to a bowl and just inhale it! I mean, you just finish it in one breath! So yummmm and so refreshing. Just getting ready for summer here:)


Bon Apetito. Ayca Xxxx

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