I LOVE coffee. Period.

I am definitely not an addict though. Not that person who can not wake up without it. There is no way that I can drink it first thing in the morning, I just can not.

To me coffee is a little bit a treat, which means a mini break during your day or a reason to have quality time with your mom, a way to open your heart to your bestie or just to enjoy “me time”. Might be a cultural thing where coffee means more than a drink.

To that day I remember when my mom and grandma was having their post lunch coffee moments, not sure why but I enjoyed that moment more than they did I feel like. All I wanted to do was to hang out with them, hear them talk, have those amazingly curated mini sweats while they are knitting and sipping their coffee at the same time. Made me feel so comfortable, extremely secure and warm for some reason.

That was the same feeling every time my mom has her guests over, after a big group of gathering for their tea time in some afternoons, with the last few remaining friends, they always wrapped their get together with that last coffee. The moment I enjoyed onserving them the most.

I guess thats what I have created with my own friends when I grew up. Coffee time was and is always the time for catch ups, sometimes for tear drops, maybe a little fortune reading in the form of a casual theraphy – if turkish coffee is involved- or the final seal after a long brunch.

Sometimes it is just that sacred time with myself on the weekends where I can enjoy every sip, inhale that fresh smell that makes me feel alive, while reading my book or a magazine along with a piece of very dark chocolate.

Makes me think that life is not complicated if a simple coffee can give you that much joy:)

For that reason I decided to keep all those moments under one umbrella ; just for my coffee tables. Enjoy;)

And tell me what are those simple things that makes you so happy?

Ayca Xxxx

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