If you stroll in the streets of SoHo over a weekend, you most probably witness at least few photo shoots already. Set up is usually a pretty dressed girl with a photographer trying to catch the perfect light, taking tons of photos from every single angle with perfectly curated looks. Like any other day, today I did bump into one of them.

It was around 60degrees [23 degrees celcius] which was perfect spring weather. Right there, West Broadway street, that one girl caught my attention – where the outfit was maybe a little too brave for the weather – then I realized that it was a mini photo shoot for the gram.

Wearing a perfect white summer dress with spaghetti straps made me feel like it was 85 degrees out (which means around 30degrees celcius).

Nude strappy 10inch pumps, perfectly blow dried hair, holding a bouquet of white rosses along with her parfume on one hand [as if we all walk and hand carry our perfumes] while carrying a box of Laduree macaroons on the other hand. Perfect picture right?

While it was picture perfect, the funny part was that she was the only person in the entire SoHo who dressed up like that. Started thinking about how that post potentially will come out in the blog or instagram :

“Perfect Sunday at Soho”…..

As if that’s how we roll in NYC. I have the admit before I move to the city, the picture in my mind about how my life will look like was slightly different. Thinking that I would be running in my Louboutin’s on the streets on NY – blame it on Carry Bradshaw.

I might not be the only only who was thinking like that since highly followed IG celebrities or bloggers kinda draw that picture daily. Don’t wanna ruin the picture but lets add a little bit reality to it.

First things first : We don’t drive in this city – which means most of the time we are underground on the subway or walking every where. That completely removes those ten inch heels from the mix.

We are always on the go meaning you leave your house in the morning carrying [almost] a luggage with you , inclusive of your gym clothes, maybe your lunch, definitely some snacks, your make up bag, your laptop, pair of training shoes, your phone, your notebook… and the list goes on – so bye bye to those mini bags.

Over the weekend – if you are not in the city as a tourist – chances are you have brunch plans with your friends after a workout –which kills that perfectly curated looks. You  most probably change your sweaty top to another cute top, have your sneakers , leggings and sweaty hair turned into a ponny tail with no make up – instead big sun glasses.

Sitting and eating on the stairs of brownstone houses are most of the time not allowed – other than to take a picture in few minutes before getting caught since those are people’s houses!

If you wanna take the typical NYC shot of you walking down the lights, you have usually seconds before getting hit by a car or bike or masses. So don’t romanticize it that much.

And one big truth is winter is brutal and long. That means layers on layers on layers. Most of the time, you feel like a bear that gives you at least five more pounds weight and insane work to take those layers off. Plus your hair and make up doesn’t stay very pretty under that beanie and huge scarf.

But the reality is no girl in this city is looking like another.Every one has a different style than each other .That’s unique about NewYork. That’s why that city is super inspiring from fashion angle. I wish that could be seen a little bit more;)

The real, true NewYork style~~~

Ayca Xxxx




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