First things first – thats a delayed post. A little bit eshamed of that but not sure what happened; I stepped into that phase of “no writing”. Its a weird pause with no reason – that I can not even jot down in my mini journals. So that kinda explains why that post was late but hey here it comes:)

That amazing paradise is only 3hours away from NY and thats why I love east coast. With one direct flight and less than four hours you change the climate. From brutal and never ending winter to a legit summer…After crazy busy months and famous NYC weather, one weekend opened my eyes and decided to book a long weekend and landed on Nassau.

All I wanted is to unplug, relax and get some sun. Nothing crazy, just chill and recover. At the same time explore that island by getting a little local. 

Decided to rent an AirBNB vs a fancy hotel and found out that dream spot. Super protected private house with its own pool and a super threaphutic beach -which was almost private to us as well. Look at that beauty:)  

 As soon as checking into our house, we grabbed the bikes from the house and started riding into the unknown to find a lunch spot. Aquafire : super local, actually by the owner of our house which also happens to be 1997 Miss Bahamas:) all fresh, grilled fish and salads with the first cheers of the vacation. 

The best part of having a private house with its own pool is you can hang out with no rush to go anywhere. Chill afternoon was a perfect first day. Followed by a fantastic dinner at Mahogany house! Guys highly recommended👌🏼

  Second day was really about having no plans and getting local. After an early am poolside morning yoga, hopped on a local bus that took us to the downtown Nassau where we have visited the Straw market , local stores, icecream shopping and ended up spending the entire day on the local beach called Junkanoo – yes might be a bit touristy by hey who am I. #tourist  

  The color of the blue blow my mind. I was acting like a fish – jumping in and out of that amazing water.Did end up leaving my legacy on the beach though by building our very own the sand castle, lol no joke here. 

Late afternoon lunch was also in downtown in one of the local spots where finding a right spot was a little tricky :)but we made it!!!  

Our little garden was the best during sunset while getting ready for dinner.


The last day we kinda wanted to fry ourselves, lol. So spent the majority of the day between Love Beach and its neighbor except the lunch break. [kinda regretted it once we get back since my skin was so dry and my back had sun burn, ughhh] Sun was extremely strong so that we had to take a break. This is what I call it “lunch with a view” Breathtaking! PS: tee is from straw market – local production mainly for tourists aka myself;)

  Post lunch view kept being that fantastic blue. My funny one piece selection was the most flashy color of the beach – have to admit! 

 That Bae Watch one piece I found online few months back , was the perfect prop in that scene:) had so much fun that afternoon while being silly and hanging at the beach with Traci:) yeah we are silly together that makes us perfect travel buddies. 

 Our closing dinner was at Shima – fancy Thai food restaurant with delicious food. Can’t believe how much spicy food we ordered, was almost crying half way through:) but so worth it! 

 When it was day to come back home, realized that it should have been one more day in the island but I think it is never enough, never. That Bahamas trip was clearly the most spontaneous trip ever and the entire time the motto was “blending in” by going with the flow, getting local, not making any plans hour by hour or day by day but just making yne decision as we go. 

That made Bahamas trip super special I guess. Collected so many memorie’

Ayca Xxx



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