Have to admit, I am not always good at listening to what my body is trying to tell me. Just because my brain is extremely smart on convincing myself most of the time, telling me that “my body might be a little too protective” 🙂 And in those moments, you can imagine who wins at the end of the day ~ of course my brain.

Most of the time, when days are intense at work or my stress levels are high, I naturally tend to do more intense workouts to get the stress out of my system. I wanna run faster, longer, push myself further. Which might not be the best idea all the time. My brain is most likely talking to loud to prevent me to listen to my body. Especially when there is so much going on and you already have tons of things to get after, I just don’t wanna fight with my loud brain. But mostly this is when I hurt my body the most ~ ended up dealing some long term injuries because I didn’t want to take the time to rest. Yup thats the worst you can do to your body, learned it in a hard way. After dealing almost six months to heal my shoulder injury last year, now lesson learned.

Last week I started feeling a little discomfort on my leg , which may or may not turn into an injury but this time I am listening to my body. It’s not easy at all. Every morning I am in a fight with my brain who is doing its best to convince me that it’s fine to go out for a run. ~Guess what it happened in the MOST crazy week of work where stress level was all time high ~ and all I needed was to go out for a run everyday to basically deal with stress. But my body made it super clear : IT AIN’T HAPPENING GIRL!

Well when you body drops the mic, all you need to do is listen to your body. Take your time to rest, relax and be with yourself. Never thought that it would take that much time to convince myself ~ I know it sounds crazy. I feel like dealing with a five year old in myself and try to explain it all while learning more and more about myself in every step of the way. I am almost there, healing and feeling better with this uncomfortable situation and can’t go back to the “no injury zone”. And I call it WINNING!

This weekend is dedicated to listening to my body and my inner self, reconnecting, clearing the clouds coming from stress, recharging. A little bit of art, playing with colors, writing and being with myself. This is what weekends are for I suppose.

PS: I love sundays more than saturdays:)

Ayca Xxxx

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