Fall…Season of change..Might the only time we all accept the “change” with an open heart. Because fall actually shows the beauty of change and makes it look really pretty. The colors of those leaves makes you even fall in love with the idea. That is natures’ way of teaching us how to embrace the change, accept to let go what has served its purpose and not hold on to things. Have you ever think about it that way?

Every season is a transition from previous one, which teaches us something new. Only if we can see. Only if we can observe, take the time to watch and deeply feel what is happening. Trees are not only showing us the prettiest colors of their leaves but also teaches us how lovely to let the dead things go. It’s a celebration of letting go. In the most joyous, glamorous way as possible. By thanking all the flowers that summer brought and sending them with love and with the biggest smile.

It is okay to be happy when things are changing in our lives. Does any of those trees trying to hold on to their leaves, get nervous or cry when they fall? NEVER! They all secretly know that when summer comes, they will be more grown and even more gorgeous than the last one. So what is the worry about? They just embrace the change by making their roots grow to have a stronger foundation. Getting ready to feel naked outside, since they know that it is necessary for growth. Without their leaves, attachments. Just focusing on themselves, to get stronger & bigger. When summer arrives, they are there with open arms again – this time with stronger root and branches to have more flowers.

Yeah, nature is an amazing teacher.

Silently it whispers the most important lessons to your ear.

Just listen carefully when the wind blows through your hair..


Happy fall!

Ayca Xxxx





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