YAY, it’s soup season people and thats what I love about Fall:)

Clearly “soup” is more than a meal. To me it has so much to do with emotions. I feel like it makes the seasonal transition easier with its southing effects. It calms my freaked out nerves because summer is coming to an end and convinces me that “everything is gonna be alright.” In its own, soft and cozy way.

For some reason it also gives me the feeling of home. Not quite sure if thats because I am basically using my mom’s recipes or the emotional effects of having a warm tummy. No wonder why we have that saying in Turkish that says food not only warms your tummy but your heart. So I believe thats why I feel that way:)

That past weekend was the perfect cozy fall weather in New York, opened up my eyes on a rainy weather and grey skies which was an amazing stay-in day along with a huge bowl of soup. When the only distraction is your couch and Netflix, it means the perfect time to test some of the recipes from my mom’s kitchen that I brought home with me. Ready to try it out?

So here is how:

Ingredients you will need : Broccoli, onions, garlic, sweet potato, red bell pepper and tons of spices inclusive of turmeric, paprika, salt and pepper, organic chicken broth.

The key to success : is from my mom actually. She always heats the pot for few minutes before putting anything on it. She says that it effects the taste. Thats how I started. After heating up the pot approximately three minutes, I did add the coconut oil and wait another few minutes while it gets warmer ~ yes thats what I use for cooking almost everything in my kitchen.The reason for that is, when you heat olive oil, along with light and oxygen, that can destroy the beneficial fats. Coconut oil, being mainly a saturated fat, is able to withstand higher temperatures than other oils, making it one of the best oils for cooking*.

While that part was getting ready, I was chopping the onions and garlic on the side and those guys were the first one to get semi-cooked. Few minutes later added the chopped  bell pepper and let it stir few more minutes with the onions. That is the stage I add the spices, first turmeric ~ which I let the spice infuse into that mix a little. Then the rest of the ingredients, chopped butternut squash and broccoli. At this stage I cover the pot for around four to five minutes. After that its time to add the final touch ~ salt, pepper, paprika and organic chicken broth. Et voila!  You are ninety percent done:)

Rest is about being patient and mainly waiting for the hard veggies to get softer which usually takes ten to twelve minutes. When the time is up, bring the blender into the mix and turn it into that yummy soup. Et voila! As final touch, spice is however you want it!


Bon Apetito.

Ayca Xxxx

*link to the information source

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