We have not born this way but definitely learned to hide ourselves behind one.Either to hide or protect ourselves, whatever the reason is, almost programmed to have it at all times. What an irony, as human beings instead of bare eyes, we look at each other through the veil and try to see as much … More BEHIND THAT MASK…


Sunday is my favorite time of the week. A day reserved for yourself, a morning where the alarm clock can set you free where your body clock can take over. You open your eyes whenever is right for your body, no panic, no rush. Stay in bed however long you want to. It’s pure freedom when you know that you … More TIME TRAVEL


I have started an experiment over the last two weeks – no screens past 11pm that includes TV, laptop, iPhone, iPad. No social media, just books, meditation, sitting still or doing some home related things. One more addition to that is to leave my phone plugged during the night outside my bedroom to eliminate the … More NO SCREEN ZONE


   Every January it’s the same conversation around New Year resolutions where we create a list with bunch of things to do on what we want to accomplish this year. Guess what those resolutions fall apart even before month ends. If you are one of them who sets a goal of going to gym three … More INTENTIONS


I’m the happiest when I find an amazing book to read. Usually it really is about what I am in the mood for. Sometimes I love being on the deep ends and choose a book that makes me ask questions about all the unknowns of mine. In those moments I hide myself and read, write, … More HAPPY PLACE