Have your ever take a step back and watch your reactions?

When you are sad, angry, frustrated – you name it. The reaction coming out of emotions appear so fast ~like in seconds~ that is not easy to catch most of the time. Unless you have the intention to truly focus on it and make the effort to observe.

Lets admit it though, even if there is the intention – reality is – it’s hard to control or watch them when you are living in it. It goes from 0 to 100 in an insane speed where you find yourself in a hot, burning hell immediately.

Guess why? The EGO is almost as fast as speed of the light.

Now, try to Imagine a moment when you get super frustrated:

The first thing that jumps right in to the mix is your EGO.With a collage of past examples or bad experiences that convinces your mind to keep staying in that frustrated zone. Which dictates the type of your reaction, emotionally and physically.

You feel like your blood start boiling and moving up all the way from your toes to the crown of your head. That physical feeling, which has been supported with that famous  collage of your disappointing past experiences, starts poisoning your brain.

Makes you feel “LESS”all of a sudden. Saturates all your fears.

That is what ego is really good at : Use the fear to devalue yourself!

Turns you into a victim in that picture.Triggers both self-pity and anger at the same time which becomes the worst drink you can have. It drugs you and creates hallucinations in your mind. At some point it turns into a vicious circle ~ that you hear the loop in your mind and start believing that the fake reality created by your ego.

Paying extra effort to truly witness those emotions is maybe the hardest thing to do but is a huge part of self growth. To be more aware and conscious of how you feel and react. Forces you to go into the roots of the real feelings and eventually face that fear ~ vs an anger that masks what is really behind the scenes. Which wound has been touched deep inside in that moment.

Needless to say, it also helps you to stay in peace internally. But importantly helps you to realize that you are surrounded by mirrors to show you your fears. The mirror is the ones around you, the one who frustrates you, pisses you off, makes you feel sorry for yourself. Instead of channeling the anger towards them and attack to hurt ~ just because that gives your ego the feeling of victory ~ you take the time to forgive and thank them by being the light in your self exploration journey.

Just think about it.

By taking a step back to witness your emotions can completely change the way on how you look at things. When you change your POV, the world around you changes.

Worth giving a try. Don’t you think?

Ayca Xxx

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