We have not born this way but definitely learned to hide ourselves behind one.Either to hide or protect ourselves, whatever the reason is, almost programmed to have it at all times.

What an irony, as human beings instead of bare eyes, we look at each other through the veil and try to see as much as possible. As ego dictates, with that way we can decide how much we want to reveal about ourselves to another one.

But why we do play that game instead of being completely open and honest? Here comes our ego comes into the scene again and whispers:

“Maybe they won’t like you if they see all of you?”

“They might break your heart”

“What if they don’t want you if you are you?”

And concludes, better to hide yourself as much as possible & keep your distance!

Isn’t the reason most relationships stays only at the surface level and couldn’t even grow?Not even dare to come closer to look deep inside your eyes and see beyond them. Missing the opportunity to explore who we truly are and travel along within other person to find out more. But most importantly not having the chance to open up our hearts.

Is it too hard to do the other way though?

To get really close to someone barely… by truly being who you are..why are we so afraid..

Because of our own power! Yes! The love we hide deep inside is extremely strong that we are truly afraid of it. Isn’t it crazy?

Think about it…&Just be honest to yourself.

Ayca Xxxx

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