One of my favorite book still to that day is “The Little Prince” which I never get tired of reading it over and over again.The story of a young boy from a distant asteroid, where he travels and discovers what is important in life.Super poetic and touchy one. If you have not read it yet, you are really missing something important. Just saying…

What got me so excited this week was the Netflix’s release  of the animated version of “The Little Prince” – couldn’t be any better ending to an intense week. The movie happened to be exactly like the drawings of the book, which was super dreamy to me. I felt like literally walking into the book as I was watching it. Of course the characters and voice overs was the biggest addition to it since the last time I read it. Marion Cotillard, Rachel Adams, James Franco.. Come on, can the book get any better? 🙂 The magic in the form of a movie, reminding you the important things in life – the real ones, that you can not necessarily physically see or touch  but feel and see with heart. The ones that are invisible to our eyes ~ are the true essentials in life. It really makes you stop! Re-think your own essentials and recalibrate. Along with reminding to keep your inner child within you no matter how old you get! Like the old dude said “Growing up is not the problem,but forgetting is.” Ahh so spot on!!! Yes we all learned by now that becoming an adult comes with its own facts package but does that really mean that we can not keep the child within us? Can we not keep dreaming? Do we really HAVE to have to plan all our steps in life to feel happy about who we are? Or our accomplishments our only measure of success? how about our failures? Sooooo many questions you ask to yourself just by watching it. And thats the beauty of “Le Petit Prince” At least for me:) Well I am still that girl who believes in fairy tales, just sayin’

So long story short, YES I think you should read and watch “The Little Prince”, for different reasons. It is charming, sweet and a classic -from 1943 by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Perfect for the weekend

Ayca Xxxx


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