I am so thankful that I had childhood before technology took over our lives. I really am.

I grew up playing on the streets all day long, getting dirty. Falling from my bike and getting  few scratches on my skin and learning how to deal with it. Climbing to the trees and picking up my own apple from it. Spending my days, playing with other friends till it gets dark. Having play dates at home with friends when weather sucks. Memorized the books that my dad was reading before going to sleep even before I know how to read and never let him skip a page. I read when I know how to, painted and invented my own colors, made dresses for my barbie dolls and had that amazing imaginary world like every other kid.

Yes I am so thankful that I didn’t learn how to play computer games. Really consider myself lucky since my mom & dad was my closest friends before my sister born [and then she took over clearly ] when I want to play and walk into my imaginary world vs being handed off an iPad to entertain myself. My imagination was wild, fun and limitless.

I did spent summers with my parents and my grand parents mostly by the sea and dreamt of how life of a fish could potentially look like. Since then I believe in mermaids:) When we were in a ferry thats where I wrote the entire stories about their lives, like the foam coming from the engines of the boat was the sign for me that it was the laundry day for the mermaids. All the reflections on the water when I was looking at Bosphorus was showing me that it was night under water as well and that was the reflection of the lights from their homes. If the lights were red, I knew that there was a some sort of celebration, maybe the birthday party of a mermaid.I was trying to imagine their homes, seaweeds were definitely sign of under water garden and those shells  were somehow their couches  – not sure what type of design I had in mind though.Sometimes when I accidentally drop my hair tie while swimming I always end up feeling happy for them, since their hair was always down and they might need to pull it up sometimes, right? 🙂 Didn’t quite figure out what happens when it rains down there since my mom kinda didn’t let me to be in the sea that much during the rain but I knew that they never get more wet than that. Such an amazing world under water, I said to myself.

Yeah that unlimited imagination. What a special time in our lives…

Tonight, sitting right by my window and watching that crazy downpour while diving into the lights on Hudson River. That reflection of red W sign on the water took me to those days. Felt like five years old again:) Like a flashback to that mind, inside my mini brain. For a second I felt how big my imagination was compared to what it is now. Before it has been defined by so many information and everything I know. Sometimes it feels like the more you know, the less you imagine. Don’t you think?

Still staring at that red light in the water. I’m convinced that there is definitely a birthday party going on down there. I’m sure that it’s an amazing one. All the mermaids holding each others hands and dancing around that red light and celebrating the rain!

And saying Good Night to me from there:)

BTW, my sister is also a  mermaid, as pictured here:) Love you babe!

Ayca Xxxx


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